What is that black area at the gumline of my old dental crown | Dr. McCool

One of the most common questions asked in Dr. Harry McCool’s Lilburn dental office is, “What is that black area at the gumline of my old crown?”

After many years of usage the gum recedes and exposes the metal margin of porcelain to metal crown.

To the patient this condition is often thought to be gum line decay. Of course if you see this, it needs to be examined by an excellent dental professional such as Dr. McCool to determine if the margin is showing or if decay has undermined the margin of your dental crown.

If you have a question about one of your dental crowns with a similar condition call Dr. McCool.  He will gently examine the area and report his findings.

Your old dental crowns can be replaced with a beautiful new porcelain butte joint crowns. You will never have to fear seeing that black line again because the margins arfabricated with a lifelike tooth colored porcelain!


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