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Many people credit bleeding gums to brushing ‘correctly’. However, it is not normal for gums to bleed and you should take caution whenever you notice your gums bleeding.

Bleeding Gums and Gum Disease

A common cause of bleeding gums is gum disease. Gum disease is caused when bacteria in the mouth forms plaque on the teeth. These bacteria may cause your gums to become inflamed, which results in red, swollen, or bleeding gums.

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Avoid Bleeding Gums When You Brush or Floss

When you brush, you should use a gentle, circular motion to massage and clean the teeth and gums. While many people use a back-and-forth motion, this motion can actually irritate and damage your gums, making them sore and more likely to bleed or recede.

You should also be gentle when you floss to avoid bleeding gums. Do not force the floss between your teeth, instead, carefully slide it up and down, following the curve of each tooth.

Bleeding Gums and Pregnancy

Bleeding gums during pregnancy is very common because of hormonal changes taking place in the body. Pregnant women should continue to brush and floss, taking caution around sensitive gum tissue to prevent bleeding.

Treatment for Bleeding Gums

Treatment for bleeding gums should always be coordinated by a dentist. Do not attempt to use over-the-counter medications without the advisement of a dentist. Dr. McCool can diagnose and treat your bleeding gums.

If your bleeding gums are a symptom of gingivitis, he will perform an extensive cleaning. If you are suffering from gum disease, Dr. McCool will perform scaling and root planning procedures and in extreme cases, surgery.


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