Teeth Whitening

If you are hoping to recapture your teeth’s bright glow, making them as white as freshly fallen snow, you came to the right place! There are many options that you can try at home to get your teeth in tip-top shape. Your teeth are going to become discolored over time. Whether you habitually drink tea, coffee, or eat dark berries, your enamel can become stained. It’s also a danger with smoking. Otherwise, that unappealing discoloration is going to happen. Be proactive and reclaim that shine.

Teeth Whitening at Home
Visit Dr. Harry McCool at his office in Lilburn, Georgia and learn about the teeth whitening kits that are available at his practice. Kits offered in the store, as well as home remedies; simply do not work as effectively as those that a dentist can provide. When they are packed with professional strength ingredients, you’ll see a remarkable difference. A key difference from other alternatives are the fact that whitening kits provided by Dr. McCool contain a lower bleach content, meaning they are safer for your use. Simply apply the teeth-whitening product once a day for a few weeks to see a transformation. Dr. McCool will even provide you with a dental tray that is tailored to fit your mouth when you do the bleaching process at home. You’ll start smiling more often when you can flash those pearly whites.

In-Office Whitening
If you are not happy with the results from a home kit or want faster results simply schedule an appointment and Dr. McCool can take care of you in the office. A powerful peroxide gel is applied to your teeth. From that point, a special light or laser will be used to make the gel do its job, making your teeth white once more. This generally takes one visit, but could result in some sensitivity.

Regardless of the reason that you are considering teeth whitening, pay a visit to Dr. McCool at his welcoming Lilburn, GA office. Have all of your questions and he’ll point you in the right direction for the best method to take care of your smile.


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