Frequent headaches? A visit to the dentist may help! | Dr. McCool, DDS

Temporomadibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is caused by a number of different conditions and is a dislocation or disturbance of the jaw joint, which is located directly in front of the lower part of the ear. People who suffer from TMJ often report headaches, earaches and jaw pain that is misdiagnosed as due to other causes. At the McCool dental office, we recognize the symptoms of TMJ and can help treat it. Other symptoms include: Pain in the face and jaw area, inability to open mouth widely, jaw getting stuck, difficulty chewing, or a swelling of the side of the face. At the McCool dental office in Lilburn, GA, we can fit you with an NTI-tss night guard to help prevent tooth grinding, a common cause of TMJ. These FDA-approved guards suppress the clenching reflex by preventing teeth from coming into contact with each other. Dr. McCool can also perform bite correction therapy and reshape teeth to help the jaw close correctly. This procedure can involve: Remove tooth structure, using dental crowns, orthodontic treatment, and implants. A few small dental changes from Dr. McCool can save you extensive dental work caused by TMJ in the future.

As people age, their teeth can become discolored as enamel wears down and the yellow dentin, which is the core of teeth, begins to show through. Using bleach to whiten teeth restores the beautiful white color. At Dr. McCool’s┬ádental office in Lilburn, GA, we offer home whitening kits that you can use at your convenience. These kits use a lower concentration of bleach over an extended period of time to whiten teeth. They generally recommend bleaching once a day for several weeks in a row. While these results are not immediate, they are more consistent and less expensive than in-office procedures. These kits are professional strength and work better than kits bought in drugstores. Dr. McCool’s┬ákits also come with a custom fit bleaching tray, which helps provide a more even application of the bleach and helps prevent irritation to the gums. Home whitening kits are popular among many of Dr. McCool’s patients and are recommended if you want to restore the whiteness of your teeth.


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