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477975641You may invest a lot of money and time into keeping your smile healthy and beautiful through cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Lilburn, GA dentist Dr. Henry McCool encourages patients to maintain their healthy smiles through a regular at home oral hygiene routine and regular visits to his Lilburn dentist office. But how do you know what oral hygiene products to purchase to best help maintain the health and function of your smile?

With so many oral hygiene products saturating the market, be prepared before you hit the stores. Review this ADA product list of products that have the ADA approval for effective and safe dental hygiene. Comparing products before hitting the store can help you feel confident that you are protecting your lifelong oral health.

What Does The ADA Seal Mean?

When you purchase a product with the ADA seal you are purchasing a product that will say what it does, and does what is says

Not all oral hygiene products are held to the same high standards. The ADA requires dental hygiene products to undergo rigorous scientific testing to qualify for the ADA seal. The ADA seal is not bought by manufacturers. The seal is earned when companies adhere to the strict ADA product guidelines. The ADA seal of approval requires that companies prove that their products meet regulations stricter than what the law requires. Both safety and effectiveness are a guarantee of the ADA seal. The ADA Seal is not an endorsement, and the ADA receives no profit from distributing the seal. The seal is strictly used to inform consumers that the products they choose are effective and safe.

Dr.McCool may recommend you purchase oral health products with the ADA seal. ADA seal products can help supplement your regular dentist office visits keeping your smile healthy. If you have questions about which products are best for your personal oral health concerns contact our Lilburn dentist office and schedule a consultation.


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