Dental technology: making your dental experience more pleasant.

Atlanta area dentist Dr. McCool uses some of the latest dental technologies in his Lilburn dentist office in order to offer patients more accurate treatment and more predictable results with less pain and down time.

Dental technology improves the patient experience in many ways:

  • Air abrasion: allows Dr. McCool to treat dental cavities and perform a variety of other procedures without a drill! This means less pain, less anesthesia and no noisy drill to raise patients’ anxiety.
  • Prophy jet air polishing: cleans debris from teeth during a cleaning more effectively than traditional methods
  • Diagnodent: laser technology that spots cavities and decay in the early stages before damage is done and when conservative treatment is effective
  • Laser dentistry: Dr. McCool uses a dental diode laser in a variety of treatments and procedures to provide more accurate results with less bleeding, swelling and need for anesthetics. This is especially effective in many gum disease treatments or to reshape a “gummy smile”.

Before and after all dental procedures, Dr. McCool and his staff use an autoclave to sterilize all equipment and ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety for patients.

507651243Technology has enhanced both the dental experience for patients and the results that can be achieved with a wide range of dentistry. Dr. McCool can offer more consistent results that are lasting because of the increased accuracy technology provides.

Dental technology has been an important factor in the ability of modern dentistry to help patients maintain their natural smile for a lifetime- something that has proven to be necessary for a lasting quality of life. Being able to speak normally and enjoy a healthy, varied diet supports overall health and well being and helps aging patients maintain an active, social and healthy lifestyle!

Come in for a visit with Dr. McCool and see how dental technology can enhance your dental experience- and your smile!


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