Routine preventive care: the foundation of a healthy smile!

Good oral health is not just keeping your teeth clean- it is ensuring that the teeth, gums and supporting structures of the occlusal system are all functioning in harmony and the bite is balanced. Oral health is also associated with overall health: there is a mouth-body connection! 477975641

Although regular brushing and flossing are an important piece of the puzzle, routine preventive care with Lilburn dentist Dr. McCool and his staff goes a step further and gives them the opportunity to spot dental health problems in the early stages when conservative treatment is effective- and before more complex problems develop!

Dr. McCool also performs an oral cancer screening during preventive care visits and can check to ensure that the bite is balanced and functioning properly. This can prevent tooth damage, jaw pain and other symptoms associated with bite disorders such as TMJ that can arise from an imbalance in the bite.

Avoiding the dentist typically leads to bigger problems down the road- including tooth loss. Keep your oral health at its best with regular visits to Dr. McCool- a healthy smile can mean a better quality of life in the ling run!


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