Restore your smile and eliminate black triangles between teeth / Dr. Harry McCool Dentist

Scan0070Restore your smile like new and eliminate or reduce black triangles between teeth with a revolutionary new technique called Bioclear!

Many patients report black triangles appearing as they age.  It can be caused by bone loss attributed by periodontal disease, as an occurrence after braces or simply related to the way your teeth are shaped. The good news is at Dr. Harry McCool’s office in Lilburn, GA, we have a revolutionary way to eliminate these spaces by a new technique called Bioclear.

The best news is that they can be eliminated without harming the existing tooth structure. Tooth colored bonding material is applied and shaped to mimic the appearance of your teeth when you were younger.  Or maybe, give you smile that you have always wanted but could not have because your teeth are misshaped. At Dr. Harry McCool’s dental office, we are dedicated to giving you the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.


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