Screening for Oral Cancer with Dr. McCool

Oral cancer develops inside of the mouth. It is a form of cancer that can develop in the mouths of those who smoke cigarettes. There are other people, however, who can end up with oral cancer even if they have never had tobacco a day in their life. The month of April has been designated as Oral Cancer Awareness month and with good reason. Too few people know and understand how serious oral cancer can be, which is why awareness on the issue needs to be made. Many people also do not realize that a visit to the dentist on a routine basis can make all the difference when it comes to oral cancer.

Dr. McCool is a general dentist in Lilburn, Georgia. He has been serving the Georgia area with his dentistry services for over two decades. Individuals who want to find a dentist in Lilburn, Georgia can rely on Dr. McCool’s swift yet effective services for all their dentistry needs, including the important oral cancer screening. When patients actually go to the regular dental check ups in Lilburn, Georgia, they are able to keep their teeth in the best condition and prevent disease, such as gum disease. However, during a routine visit to Dr. McCool’s dental office, patients are also screened for oral cancer. When patients receive the screening, they will be able to find out whether they have oral cancer in just a matter of minutes.

Dr. McCool advises all of his patients that are both young and old to routinely visit the dentist office in Lilburn, Georgia for routine dental check ups at least twice annually. The patients who do visit his office when they should will be able to keep themselves healthier. Those who avoid going to the dentist may not realize that early detection of oral cancer can actually save their lives. However, if they continue to put off their routine visit to the dentist, the oral cancer that may be developing could become even more of an issue. Those who want to take advantage of Oral Cancer Awareness month should schedule their routine checkup with Dr. McCool immediately.


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