February is National Dental Health Month- Don’t Forget Regular Dental Check Ups | Lilburn, GA

Once all of your baby teeth have fallen out and you have grown your adult teeth, this is the last set of natural teeth that you will ever have. It is essential that you care for your teeth to keep them in good shape. Dr. McCool is a general dentist of Lilburn, Georgia who can provide routine cleanings and dental care to his patients. If you want to keep your teeth in the best shape possible, visiting Dr. McCool regularly makes the most sense. Dr. McCool is a dentist who is passionate about caring for the teeth and treating different dental issues, even those that are more complex.

When you schedule an appointment with the local dentist on a routine basis, you can help lower your chances of dealing with gum disease. You will also be lowering your chances of heart disease and diabetes, both of which have been linked to gum disease. If you have not been to the dentist office in a while, it is time to schedule an appointment and visit the dentist office in Lilburn, Georgia, especially since February is recognized as Dental Health month. After you have schedule an appointment, you can visit the family dentistry office to consult with Dr. McCool. The dentist will make you feel comfortable while looking closely at your gums, teeth, and even your jawbone. Dental x-rays may be taken because this allows Dr. McCool to get an enhanced look at the teeth.

If there are any problems with the teeth, Dr. McCool may recommend one of several general dentistry services that can solve the problem and make drastic improvements. Some of these services include root canals, extractions, and tooth fillings. Dr. McCool typically performs root canals to help save a tooth. Fillings are a simple dental treatment and they are used to fill cavities. The extraction of the tooth means that the tooth is completely removed. However, this is only necessary in the most severe cases. If you are visiting Dr. McCool regularly at his dentist office in Lilburn, Georgia, extraction may not be something you will have to deal with. If you want a dentist in Lilburn, Georgia who can properly care for your teeth and prevent disease, Dr. McCool is a great choice.


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