Brighten Your Smile with Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr. McCool

The term of cosmetic dentistry refers to all dental procedures leading to the improvement of facial esthetics combined with recovery of the oral functions. There is a variety of Atlanta cosmetic dental procedures which can improve the patient’s smile line, speech patterns and ability to masticate. The least expensive version includes partial and full dentures. This type of treatment is typically covered by all dental insurance providers as it is deemed medically necessary to restore the patient’s ability to chew and speak.

Multiple missing dentitions can be successfully replaced by partial dentures. The new technology allows the dentist to fabricate the device closely mimicking the individual’s natural anatomy and shade of the surrounding teeth and mucosa. As the prosthetics is removable, special home care instructions are given to the patient to ensure prolonged use and minimal maintenance. Fully edentulous patients benefit from the placement of full maxillary and mandibulary dentures often combined with dental implants by Dr. McCool in Atlanta. The implants are strategically placed within the alveolar bone to ensure the retention of the dentures and ease of daily oral care regimen. In some cases, bone grafting procedures may be suggested to correct the discrepancies within the alveolar ridge.

The dental provider plays an important role prior and post-placement of the dentures. Many patients experience emotional issues during the transition from extractions to receiving removable prosthetics. The process is often connected to the patient’s lifestyle, social habits and nutritional choices. The dentist prepares the patient for new sensations, psychological adjustment and feeling of comfort.

As the patient becomes accustomed to the new device, the family dentist monitors the entire process and schedules regular follow-up visits to ensure proper progression. The majority of recipients tolerate the treatment well without any significant issues. In rare cases, the patients may develop gagging reflex and may not be good candidates to wear removable dentures. Other methods of treatment, such as crowns and bridges, may be suggested to aid the patient with food consumption and restoration of the facial esthetics. It should be noted, all dentures are placed after the healing process is completed as the soft tissue shrinks over time and the dentures will have to be adjusted to accommodate the discrepancies between the existing dentition and removable prosthetics.


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