Restorative Dentistry with Dr. McCool Can Fix Problematic Teeth in the Atlanta Area

Are you a resident of the Liburn area who happens to be interested in restoring your teeth to the best condition possible? Restorative dentistry is a particular type of dentistry that helps treat the problem that is causing damage to the teeth while restoring the teeth back to their healthiest condition. Dr. McCool is a local dentist in Liburn who performs this type of dentistry, along with general dentist treatment and procedures as well.

Dr. McCool is an Atlanta dentist who takes on a number of dental challenges for his patients so that they can achieve a painless and beautiful smile. When tooth damage does occur, the problem can actually be worse than it originally seems. For example, a missing tooth may seem like a cosmetic dental problem because the tooth is physically missing and makes the smile appear less appealing. However, when a tooth is missing from the mouth, the gums are exposed far more than they would be if the tooth had not been missing. There are many problems that can arise from this type of exposure to the gums.

As a local dentist in Liburn, Dr. McCool is interested in helping his patients have healthier teeth. He has been providing restoration for his patients’ teeth in the dental office for over two decades, and he continues to do so. Dr. McCool is known for his thorough evaluation of every patient who comes into the dentist office. When the patient comes to the dentist office Liburn, Dr. McCool will take x-rays of the teeth so that he can get a better view of the type of damage that may be going on. He will also perform screenings of different tooth and gum diseases.

After the evaluation is completed, Dr. McCool speaks with the patient about the condition of their teeth and the restoration process. He is a dentist in Liburn who takes his time when speaking with patients so that they can understand which type of procedures may need to be performed. There are many restorative dental treatments that may be necessary for a patient, including dental implants, crowns, and bridges.



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